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Decades of Training & Certification by Manufacturers and Dealers

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Our experience and expertise involves more than Porsches.
We have comprehensive experience and training on
BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and many vintage European sports cars. We also have advanced level technical training from vendors like Bosch and Lucas and other comprehensive advanced factory training specifics on certain car models.

We are ASE Master Certified and have many other certifications.

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Additional cars are worked on in the shop. As specific expert teams, we take on comprehensive renovation projects and restoration, including complete rebuilds and partial re-manufacturing when specific parts are unobtainable.

We are
The European Car Specialist and for us the name means everything. In general, we work on European and Japanese cars, plus some U.S. cars—with exceptions. Ask us!

Team members have additional prior specialist experience.

We have many associated contacts with specific expertise and unique abilities (special team members used to doing renovations, custom manufacturing, racing modifications at different levels, etc.).

All parts are warranted by each manufacturer and installed to their specifications.

We only use Original and Genuine Performance Parts for our repairs. All repairs are clearly stipulated with a quote estimate following Bureau of Automotive Repair guidelines and standards.

Everything is documented, quality controlled and triple-checked.

If you are buying or selling a car, we'll give our unbiased opinion as to the condition.

This is how we see it: by giving an honest opinion about a car, we are building long-term business relationships with present and future customers.

If a seller has a problem car, we will point out what needs to be done to get better value out of the sale.

Used performance cars get better value when proper documentation is presented. An informed professional buyer knows what to check for and often comes to us to fix cars they resell. Proper documentation is KEY to getting the best price. No one wants a lemon.

On that note, keep up on your regular documented maintenance and services. It adds to the car's value.

We keep track of your cars and offer maintenance programs to preserve the value and use of your investment.

Call us today about setting up a Maintenance Program for your car. Properly maintained, you will save!

Most customers associate us with Porsche. Working at Porsche Dealers in Beverly Hills and Long Beach, we have a decade of Dealer experience in California. Added to experience in Germany and England and in this shop. We can, with confidence, say we have the expertise to tackle 356 to 911 to GT to Spyders for any renovation, repair or service.

You will find we have aggressively market-adapted pricing.
Obtain a 2nd opinion from us before you do a major repair or renovation.
You will save!

We are known to get to the root of car performance problems. We do charge for comprehensive estimates, and give you credit when you use our services.

We specialize in renovation and rebuilding Porsche engines and transmissions, as well as making custom performance upgrades. Most of the time we are priced best. All the time we use Original or Genuine Parts.

If you'd like, we gear, adjust, tune, then balance the car specifically adapted to you and the car's use.
Ask about our custom adjustment options.

We regularly do cost-effective advanced repair and maintenance on the whole Porsche line of cars, in accordance with factory specifications.

Working on Porsches for a long time has given us experience not many Dealers can offer you, especially on
older models.

Set an appointment today! Call us. Let's talk. Then we'll show you what needs to be adjusted and what is to be replaced, repaired or installed correctly.
When we are done, you'll feel, see, hear and understand the difference!
We service and repair Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. (Click more)
We have factory training and 30+ years of Porsche Performance/Racing, with extensive experience on new and classic Porsches, renovation projects and rebuilding engines and transmissions.

We offer excellent service and even make performance modifications adapted to racing or for your specific requirements, in accordance with and beyond general upgrades.

“professionally noticed”
“elegantly and discreetly executed”

We service and repair Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and others. Please call us for specifics.

We also produce independent car condition reports for sellers and buyers. Always honest and unbiased.

The car you drive tells something about you. As a performance car owner, how your car looks and performs says even more. Protect and make the maximum of your investment.

We promise you personal attention beyond your expectations. We consider driving style experience and adapt looks and features that are unique to you, always within the envelope of factory default-calibrated adjustments.

These cars are beautiful. Keeping them looking brand new and fine-tuned is rewarding—economically and from the feeling of turning heads and admiring looks.

Everything is possible. We shape your car to you,
which enhances your driving experience.

Professionals notice and everyone sees, feels and hears the “Singh” difference.

Be proud of your car!

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